Encofrados Non-recoverable formworks for screeds and ventilated screeds with chambers Made in Spain - National Patent

The Caviti system, developed in 1998, was the pioneer in incorporating plastic elements as formwork for construction.

Caviti is a revolutionary product, made in Spain, which simplifies the implementation of insulating suspended flooring, ventilated screeds and lightweight floor screeds with a reduction in time and costs.

The Caviti system consists of precast recycled polypropylene sections which are assembled together quickly and easily, to produce a continuous formwork with its own supports, in blocks ranging from 5 to 70 cm.

Behind Caviti, there is a team of people who are convinced of the usefulness of this system and the added value it provides in construction. The team devotes all their expertise and enthusiasm to attend to clients and their specific needs.

Caviti insulating suspended flooring reinforces the values of dynamism and customer service that have characterized the brand over the years to create a market leading product. For this reason, we have brought together in a new project, the patent developed by Caviti, the technical support, production capacity and the guarantee of ITeC (DAU 10/060A).

Caviti, in its commitment to the environment, manufactures all its formwork with 100% recycled materials, and cares about developing quickly installed products that reduce the consumption of materials as well as commissioning and installation costs.

The company is currently marketing and supporting clients all over the country. More specifically, and in collaboration with domestic companies and foreign partners, we are trading in international markets while maintaining the quality levels that are characteristic of the brand.

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