Restrictions of use

The Caviti sacrificial formwork system cannot be used in any of the following situations:

· When the filling of the Caviti formwork is made of sand or mortar, regardless of their type or nature.

· In applications with high static loads, for example, in industrial warehouses where machines with large tonnage and high loads are installed.

· When the height of the screed exceeds 70 cm excluding the compression layer.

· When the support has large irregularities in the planimetry which impede the levelling of the pieces.

· In applications with high dynamic loads, e.g. parking heavy vehicles (trucks, construction machinery, trailers, etc.)

· It is not possible to overlay Cavitis of different heights. It is only possible to overlay from models C-5 and C-10.

· When the thickness of the compression layer is less than 5 cm.

· When there is no wire mesh reinforcement in place.

· When Caviti’s criteria for completing the perimeters are not adhered to.

· When different models are used in the same area without the use of side formworks.

· When the concrete to be used do not have the minimum strength specified by Caviti.

· When there are expanding clays the Caviti product cannot be used.

· In any case that is not specified in our Document of Adaptation to Use (DAU 10/060).

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