Cáviti System Definition

The Caviti construction system is made by joining pieces of sacrificial formwork of varying heights depending on the characteristics and plan of the construction project. The modules are made of black recycled thermo-injected polypropylene.

Caviti sacrificial formworks exhibit a flat topped sinusoidal geometry, presenting equally spaced perpendicular ridges which begin at the midpoint of each element descending and terminating at the structural columns of the formwork that are on its vertices.

The structural pillar formed by the union of four Caviti modules is completely watertight.

The pieces are joined together with rebates and in the order indicated by the arrows located on the upper dome of the modules, which results in the formation of the slab.

There are no special pieces for perimeters or joinings with protruding elements on construction sites. The Caviti system is easily adaptable to the geometry of works by means of conventional cutting machinery, such as a jig saw or similar.

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