Conditions Supports and perimeters

The flatness of the support is one of the most important factors in the installation of Caviti because it is a prefabricated system formed by connecting modules that must fit together perfectly. If the support does not have a certain flatness, problems may occur during the pouring of concrete resulting in loss of material at the points where there has not been a good fit between parts.

To prevent the parts from being supported directly on the ground, a layer of blinding concrete will be laid according to the live load, with HM-20/B/12/lla concrete or that specified in the project plan, without mesh reinforcement and with a good flatness. The differences in level will be a maximum of 1 cm.

Perimeters can be of any type and may be walls of reinforced concrete, resistant factory walls, dividing partitions, columns (rectangular, square or circular), struts, beams or foundation footings.

Installation rate

The installation rate of the Caviti modules is approximately 60-70 m² per worker / hour. These values are estimates, since the installation rate depends on the geometry of the project and the experience of the personnel.

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