Types of concrete and reinforced concrete

Caviti does not define what type of concrete you should use. The type of concrete mainly depends on the expected strength of the concrete for the slab, and the environment where it is going to be placed. The type of concrete must be defined in the drafting stage.

CAVITI’s Technical Department recommends using a minimum strength concrete of 20N/mm² for plain concrete, and 25 N/mm² for reinforced concrete.

Adequate concretes are HA-25/B/25/IIa type or HM-20/B/25/IIa or superior performance concrete for standard exposure with high humidity.

Concrete can be poured out by pump or bucket. The vibration will be done with a vibrating poker for pillars, vibrating fast so as not to open the formwork.

The electro welded wire mesh to be used should meet the technical requirements specified in UNE 36092:96, found under the name B-500T, and with dimensions ME 15x15, ME 15x20, ME 20x20, ME 15x30 or ME 20x30 and a diameter of 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm.

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