Assembly System Cáviti


The assembly of the Caviti system is fairly simple; it is a high-performance system. It reduces the use of auxiliary means, and it shortens the timeframe for construction as a whole, in comparison with traditional insulating suspended flooring framework systems.

You can successfully maintain the alignment of the pillars with no possibility of error, and a performance rate of around 70 m²/man per hour, using a defined layout on the draft, thanks to its tongue-and-groove joint system.

When the Caviti system meets with other structural or non-structural elements, (such as pillars, perimeter walls, structural edge or ring beams, tie-beams, drainage pipes²) you simply have to cut that part and adjust it to its specific geometry. In these cases, Caviti usually recommends that polystyrene sheets be placed, acting as concrete joints, to improve the system’s performance.

In the concreting stage there are no special characteristics to point out. Once you have the wire mesh in position, according to the specifications of the system and the loads defined, the concrete is poured out over the domes (by pump or by bucket). After this, it is very important to vibrate the concrete, but not very deeply in the areas where parts meet, since that is where the pillars of the system are produced. The manual trowel or mechanical screeds are both perfectly suitable for this.

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