Cáviti Supports Uses

Our supports have been designed to hold floating floor with adjustable heights from 50mm, offsetting the existing outstanding support. They can be placed on surfaces of mortar, asphalt compounds, polystyrene, wood, etc.

They are suitable for the installation of garden terraces, technical decks, pedestrian areas, maintenance decks, public paths, etc.

On the other hand, they may not be used in animal facilities or vehicle transit areas.

They can be fitted with precast tiles made of porcelain, natural stone or concrete, wooden flooring with battens and wooden tiles preformed in the workshop.

They are assembled completely dry, which allows the immediate use of the paving. They can also be secured with cement or adhesives.

The material used is polyolefin (omo and copolymer) with the important addition of mineral filler.

The product is manufactured via the thermoforming injection process, and for this we have a range of market-leading injectors.

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