Caviti Supports Assembly

The installation is quick and easy because the slabs are placed and supports rather than continuously.

Once drawn and mounted the first row, this works as staking the set, placing the rest is immediate because each tile corresponds to a new plot. It is important to correct initial alignment, because this generate asymmetries errors, deviations accumulate as we move in the assembly.

The supports are marked with the slope to be offset (up 1% 2% 3%...) And editor direct the distinctive fin (Fitted) to the sink drain; Fitted fin this indicates the maximum slope, so must point to the sink.

The resolution of the zones angles or meetings with vertical elements are the most complex part of the assembly, being able to cut the upper flanges of the studs. We will ensure a sufficient number of supports the stability of each tile or battens in the case of pallets, accumulating a larger number of carriers in these areas.

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