Supports Cáviti Definition

Caviti supports are designed for the installation of exterior floating surfaces, either concrete tile or batten structure in floating wooden flooring.

Basically, there are two types of supports or plot: the non-adjustable type, of fixed height and with high load capacity, and the adjustable type, which are technologically more advanced, allowing height adjustments, slope correction and final elevation level as required.

Within the latter type, there are various models depending on their usage, the correct heights and the compression capacity. From the simplest model SC-750 with 750 kg load capacity compression support to the most powerful model SC-2000 with 2000 kg load capacity support and standard maximum working height of 610 mm.

The nonadjustable models are shaped from square geometry tiles with model SC-10 having dimensions of 100x100 mm and 10 mm thick, and model SC-15 having a base of 150x150 mm and 15 mm thick. The two have the distinction of being stackable, achieving heights of up to 70 mm.

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