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Sanitary Fittings CÁVITI S.L.U.

Sanitary Fittings CÁVITI S.L.U. It is a pioneer in the development of products for the building society. Cáviti is a direct manufacturer of polypropylene formwork for the execution of screeds, sanitary floors, refrigerated warehouses, platforms, decks Catalan, etc ...

Cáviti is a cutting edge product that simplifies the implementation of sanitary slabs, screeds and screeds ventilated, reducing time and costs and support ITeC (DAU 10/060A).

Behind this product, there is a team of people who are convinced of the usefulness of the system and the added value of the building, and put all their know-how and dedication to provide our clients and their specific needs.

The Cáviti system consists of precast recycled polypropylene that are assembled together quickly and easily, forming a continuous formwork with their own supports, with songs ranging from 5 to 70 cm. At the junction of four modules a pillar that supports the assembly, whose support base is closed to prevent moisture caused by capillarity is generated.

Once concreted breasts and pillars, complete with a layer of compression armed with wire mesh of variable thickness, depending on the loads to bear. The set is capable of withstanding heavy loads with a minimum thickness of the compression layer, by the geometry adopts concrete nerves, pillars and breasts, and lowering the neutral axis, thus obtain a significant reduction in consumption concrete and steel.

Other advantages of shaping Cáviti are bidirectionally ventilated screeds, which avoid terrain humidities, waterproof slab and allows the passage of installations.

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